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Green Rebel_plant-based satay
Industry watchers say local start-ups are more nimble and adept at customising their plant-based products to cater to the market’s unique palate. They stand a chance of avoiding problems that have plagued the business in the West.
A deforested area to give way to a palm oil plantation.
The research organisation behind investigative reports into the palm oil trade and other deforestation-risk commodities has closed after a decade due to a funding shortfall.
India produced an estimated 107.9 million tonnes of wheat between 2020 and 2021, second only to China with 134.3 million tonnes.
old and new agri solutions
New and emerging technologies could pave the way to net-zero emissions agriculture in the next two decades, using robotics, electric vehicles, improved crop varieties and distributed monitoring.
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As governments seek an agreement on a global plan to halt the rapid loss of the world’s biodiversity, the rights of Indigenous peoples, smallholder farmers and other agroecological communities are being sidelined.
Burger King Austria advertisement_plant-based
Switching menus so meat is not the default option dramatically reduces meat consumption. But will the effects last?
soybean farmer in malawi
As the demand for vegetable oil soars, soybean farmers are deciding whether to sell their products for food or biofuel production. With biofuel producers emerging as the highest bidders, what does this mean for the future of food security?
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