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Vietnam’s recent opening up of its green power market won industry plaudits, but such reforms have been slow to materialise in the region. Eco-Business examines where firms may find procuring renewables easy, tricky, or nigh on impossible.
Nami rooftop project
The new decree is seen as the latter of two policy moves needed to jumpstart the country’s clean energy market. New funding is already flowing, but concerns remain as to whether Vietnam’s power grid can handle more renewables.
A coal train in Vietnam
Some question if the US$3 billion deal may yet be revived, given vague terms under the country's resource mobilisation plan announced last year that might allow a renegotiation. Observers say the termination is 'good news' for Vietnam's energy transition goals.
In response to queries from Eco-Business, Exim Bank clarified that it did not provide a recent US$980 million loan for equipment financing of the facility, and its main role is in 'assisting to raise funds for the project'. It also said the Song Hau 2 plant, which has since been terminated, utilises more efficient technology which would reduce emissions compared to other coal plants.
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LNG ship Japan
Bullish gas plans ignore the financial challenges of infrastructure development, renewable energy potential in the region and climate policy restrictions.
Coal power plants
As the Asian Development Bank holds its premiere clean energy event this week, human rights activist Lidy Nacpil argues it is not acceptable merely to accelerate the transition.
The 3.5 MW Suana solar farm in Nusa Penida, Bali.
Indonesia's 'island of the Gods' could serve as a living laboratory for a nation still in the early stages of renewable energy development.
Moving in the opposite direction from the rest of the world, Indonesia plans to lower its renewable energy ambitions by 2030. The new governing administration needs to make effort to ensure that even the reduced targets are met.
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Gaurav Sant
Gaurav Sant, founder of startup SeaChange, tells Eco-Business about a technology he hopes will give the world's oceans the capacity to absorb additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Jovie Montajes, founder of Light of Hope PH
After 20 years without electricity, more than 50 households in Cebu's poorest district have been provided with solar energy, financed by carbon offsets.
Air-conditioning units on a building in Singapore
Improving energy efficiency could meet a quarter of Southeast Asia’s emissions reduction targets. Here is how efficiency could drive Southeast Asia's energy transition.
Vietnam, wind power story
Vietnam's wind market is thriving, but more work lies ahead if the country wants to power its booming economy without imperilling its people and the planet.
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Climate tech podcast with Steve Melhuish
Entrepreneur Steve Melhuish tells the EB Podcast where the biggest opportunities to reduce emissions and make money are in Southeast Asia, and why finding the right economic incentives is critical for climate tech startups.
A protest for climate justice in the Philippines
The new head of Japan and Southeast Asia for ClientEarth tells the Eco-Business Podcast how the law can be used to hold polluters to account in the world's biggest emitting region. She also says it's time the legal profession faced scrutiny for greenwashing.
Sea orchards developed on decommissioned oil platforms
Former petrochemicals industry executives Steve Willis and Genevieve Hilton have written a novel set 50 years into the future that has a happy ending. They tell the Eco-Business podcast that the book is a pitch to carbon-intensive industries to try workable climate solutions.
The EB Podcast Petronas COP28
The oil and gas sector needs to cut operational emissions faster, Charlotte Wolff-Bye tells the Eco-Business podcast. But slashing fuel output won’t do for the Asian supplier, and it welcomes respectful debate at the climate summit.
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