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Aral sea desiccation
The next 10 years have been designated the decade to combat sand and dust storms, which are becoming more frequent due to climate change. Storms kill people prematurely and reduce the efficiency of solar panels, slowing the energy transition.
Oil spill_Sentosa
Oil was spotted in waters off Changi on Singapore's east coast, four days after a tanker collision near the island state's southern waters. Authorities will assess if habitat restoration efforts are needed.
Oil spill cleanup_Singapore_Sentosa
Public beaches on Singapore's resort island of Sentosa as well as East Coast Park were closed to swimmers after a tanker collision at a port terminal caused oil to spill into the waters.
The states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh suffered severe damage from floods this monsoon, which has highlighted the effects of illegal sand mining in their river basins.
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Madhumitha Ardhanari, sustainability strategist and land reclamation researcher
In a speech at Singapore's climate rally, Madhumitha Ardhanari asked her audience to dream of a Singapore that thrives within planetary boundaries, is a better regional environmental neighbour, and reconsiders what progress means beyond economic growth.
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land reclamation SG
Why is there so much secrecy and controversy around sand extraction? Eco-Business speaks to Madhumitha Ardhanari to find out more about the narrative surrounding sand in Singapore, the largest importer of sand in the world.
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