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The clearing of forests for growing rubber “has been substantially underestimated” in figures used to develop policy on deforestation, new research finds.
Astrid Schomaker_EU deforestation law
The European Union wants to ‘sit at the table’ with Malaysia and Indonesia and understand the realities of the commodities supply chain in Asia, says Astrid Schomaker, who sits in the directorate-general for environment at the European Commission.
Authors warn against monoculture farms, suggest eco-friendly measures to increase biodiversity.
European Union's move to curb imports linked to forest destruction lacks measures to strengthen indigenous rights, activists warn.
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workers loading oil palm fruits
Import bans bring social issues to the fore forcing agribusiness to assess their obligations to their workforces. Are such regulatory bans the best way to address the social issues prevalent in the industry?
palm oil plantation in cigudeg
As the biggest consumer of palm oil, India can take a lead in demanding ethical production that can stop deforestation in Southeast Asia and reduce air pollution.
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