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Indian regulatory codes are largely advisory when it comes to dealing with heat, ignoring humidity altogether, placing millions in danger during heatwaves and monsoons.
Evicted local people say marine protected area around Indian Ocean archipelago is a colonial imposition.
For the first time in history, we now farm more seafood than we catch from the wild. At the same time, overfishing of wild fish stocks continues to increase, and the number of sustainably fished stocks declines.
Modi's government cancelled FCRA licences for thousands of charities, halting foreign funds; critics say move costs jobs, services.
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Climate litigation is steadily growing in China, but a different approach from the Global North, involving the proactive role of state agencies, could be more effective in ensuring compliance with climate policies across local governments.
SDGs Showcased on Billboards in Times Square, New York City
There are growing calls for more corporate disclosure, but if firms release sustainability reports just to meet the needs of external stakeholders, including regulators, it is unlikely to motivate internal changes to business operations.
Amazon workers near Delhi were dripping with sweat. The heat in their warehouse was oppressive, causing exhaustion and dizziness.
There is a case for relaxing Vietnam’s long-standing restrictions on the use of land meant for rice cultivation.
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Brookes Point human barricade
Video footage appears to show protestors, who were demonstrating against mining operations, being dragged away by police near Ipilan Nickel Mine in Brooke’s Point, Palawan. Mining insiders are calling for maximum tolerance in similar standoffs.
Juice Media parody ad mocking government inaction on climate change
We're screwed, claims a government parody ad, as politicians drag their heels on climate change. Taking a shot at the Australian government, the video exposes the absurdity of longstanding political inaction to address the climate crisis and puts out a not-so-subtle call for collective action.
pygmy elephants sabah
From conflict to co-existence: Earthworm Foundation has come up with a solution to managing human-elephant conflict in palm oil plantations in Sabah.
one planet wales
What can you do to help quell the devastating impacts of climate change? Start life on a greener path in the countryside.
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Filipino commuters during Covid. Image: Commuters of Metro Manila
Eksklusif As the country plunges into a recession borne out of the pandemic, how can it get back on its feet? On this podcast, Eco-Business spoke to top Filipino environmentalist Loren Legarda on how conservation should not take a backseat to economic development.
Red ship on the ocean
Studio EB [The EB Podcast] In the third episode of the series Tomorrow’s cities: Engineering the energy transition, we explore how the shipping industry is charting a course to a low-carbon future.
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