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Studio EB There are few to no companies immune to climate risks today. This is forcing organisations to rethink business plans to weather climate-related shocks. Early action and a future-focused corporate purpose could spare enterprises from the worst that lies ahead.
CSOs outlook 2024
Asia’s sustainability heads foresee some relief from reporting burdens this year, but articulating the financial value of social, biodiversity and climate-related impacts, engaging suppliers and staying ahead of regulations will keep them busy.
Riparian tree planting, Jambi
While it might be a temporary solution, the use of palm oil credits, facilitated by leading certifier RSPO, has been crucial in funding sustainable production and regenerative agricultural efforts, say smallholders and industry observers.
Erin Sweeney (left) and incoming head of programmes Megan Sullivan
Sweeney is moving to New York with her partner over lack of ‘LGBTQ+ legal safety net’ in Singapore. Grow Asia has appointed former USAID executive Megan Sullivan as head of programmes.
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Decarbonising our food

Averting catastrophic climate scenarios requires that we phase out fossil fuels and transform food systems at the same time. A growing body of scientific research shows that the two challenges are not just equally urgent, but also mutually dependent.
indigenous people3
Market-based solutions must be harnessed to prevent the exploitation of ecosystems. But such an approach will succeed only if markets' governance principles and operating methods are designed to promote equity and sustainable prosperity.
Farm in spain
With laws to regenerate biodiversity facing resistance, we must explain how nature can work for people
rice farm bangladesh
Transnational agribusiness firms are contributing to a growing global hunger crisis, causing widespread environmental damage, and threatening people’s health. By also capturing the United Nations Food Systems Summit, they have restricted the meeting's agenda to solutions that will further inflate corporate profits.
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