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PT Mayawana Persada’s pulpwood concession
Global demand for wood pellets and pulp is fuelling a resurgence in deforestation in Kalimantan, home to the Indigenous Dayak community and critically-endangered orangutans. The firm responsible has murky ties to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysian entities, NGOs claim.
genetically modified poplar trees
Researchers switched off some genes in a poplar tree to make for easier wood fibre extraction, and potentially greater efficiency in the pulping industry. The practice, however, carries biodiversity risks, warns an Asian expert.
Benjamin Tay, People's Movement to Stop Haze
People's Movement to Stop Haze, a non-profit that advocates on the transboundary haze crisis in Southeast Asia, will be helmed by its president Low Ying Hui in the interim.
Log yard, OKI pulp mill, South Sumatra
Eksklusif The planned expansion will have catastrophic consequences for forests, peatlands, and communities, warn NGOs. APP says the expansion will not breach its no-deforestation pledge, and is aligned with the new Omnibus Law to boost investment and jobs.
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aerial view palm oil trees
Forest-risk companies in Southeast Asia tend to rely almost entirely on debt financing. In view of this leverage, banks can be deemed directly accountable for deforestation and related offences committed by their borrowers.
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