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The southern coast of Obi Island, North Maluku, Indonesia. The sea has turned red due to pollution from the nickel mines and smelters.
Indonesia has hatched a plan to reduce emissions from its coal-powered nickel trade amid growing scrutiny of its downstreaming policy. Environmentalists worry that the plan glosses over the impact of the booming trade on forests, biodiversity and local communities.
Residents of Sibuyan Island fight back against police. Envirnmmne
The new law seeks to measure the country's natural resources, and will place more scrutiny on activities with negative environmental impacts such as resource extraction, a key driver of the country’s economic development.
nickel mining concession in Eastern Indonesia
The race to electrify transport is causing extensive deforestation in Indonesia, a Mighty Earth report finds. Will the destructive practices continue under incoming president Prabowo Subianto, who has pledged to ramp up the nickel trade?
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