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Nami rooftop project
The new decree is seen as the latter of two policy moves needed to jumpstart the country’s clean energy market. New funding is already flowing, but concerns remain as to whether Vietnam’s power grid can handle more renewables.
Smoke is discharged from chimneys at a coal-fired power plant in China
A new whitepaper funded by the Asia-focused lender proposes retrofitting existing coal assets with viable clean technologies and retaining their transmission infrastructure to improve the bankability of the region’s early phase-out deals.
Senoko plant photo
Adopting renewables and electricity imports adds to security concerns posed by global gas market volatility. Investors’ cold shoulder towards fossil energy could also threaten the longevity of Singapore’s gas plants, analysts say.
Japan oil rig
Singapore's DBS Bank is newly listed among the top 60 banks globally which committed US$705 trillion into fossil fuel financing in 2023, a new report shows.
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Chevron's Gorgon CCS plant
Carbon capture and storage has been hailed as a potential way to reduce emissions, but it is more likely to increase them by boosting oil and gas extraction. The cheaper and more effective solution is to move to cleaner forms of energy.
LNG ship Japan
Bullish gas plans ignore the financial challenges of infrastructure development, renewable energy potential in the region and climate policy restrictions.
Darwin LNG gas plant
Australia’s gas future must involve energy security and climate security. The new government strategy fails to strike this balance.
Burgos solar and wind farm
House Bill 7705, the low carbon economy bill, could help the climate-vulnerable nation seize the economic opportunities that come with decarbonisation.
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The EB Podcast Petronas COP28
The oil and gas sector needs to cut operational emissions faster, Charlotte Wolff-Bye tells the Eco-Business podcast. But slashing fuel output won’t do for the Asian supplier, and it welcomes respectful debate at the climate summit.
Malampaya natural gas2
The Philippines has ended new coal development as it pursues a low-carbon future. Don Paulino of non-profit Philippine Energy Independence Council and boss of Shell's exploration arm, argues why natural gas should remain in the energy mix.
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