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Dr Rozzeta Dolah
Dr Rozzeta Dolah faces high barriers in her journey towards producing sustainable aviation fuel, but these challenges have spurred her to commercialise climate-friendly solutions to support Malaysia's decarbonisation push.
Printed circuit boards can be pulverised to nanoparticles to recover metals, polymers and oxides, says new study.
Gwangju Korea
From digital neighbourhood maps in Nairobi's Kibera slum that allow residents to point out service gaps, crimes and accidents, to Korea's "green cards", mayors serve as vanguards of sustainability with these 15 city-driven innovations.
Singapore Central Business District with joggers
Scientists have developed a revolutionary fabric that can harvest electrical energy from the wearer’s movements and the sun.
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For urban planners, data and technology are valuable tools in the drive to improve administration and services. But while these innovations are making urban environments more livable, they come with a hidden cost: the potential to deepen inequality among digitally marginalized groups.
evs charging in russia
More government and funding support for research and development of potentially revolutionary technologies could lead to big wins for sustainable development. Volans executive chairman John Elkington makes the case for an International Office of Technology Assessment.
electric car charging
Technological progress could help mitigate climate change where climate negotiations and targets have failed, says Jeffrey Sachs.
Greening of manufacturing
Manufacturing industries present society with a dilemma. A healthy manufacturing sector helps an economy to grow, thereby raising …
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