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Climeworks Iceland plant
It remains to be seen if an agreement can be reached, and if safeguards are strong enough, but industry experts are urging faster action. Credible UN-backed regulations will need to account for views warning that the ventures are too risky.
peat swamp
With tropical peatlands and mangroves finally being recognized globally as vital in the fight against climate change, scientists …
DeforestAction Borneo deforestation
Borneo's Eco-Warriors use crowd-sourcing software and thousands of schoolchildren to help them in the fight against deforestation.
Sustainable development would depend on a shift to a green economy, officials said at a seminar held in …
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When the world's climate change negotiators meet in Doha in Qatar this month, they will try to resolve …
Recent analyses that China's carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions might be 1.2 gigatonnes or 20 per cent higher than …
"Companies showing a lack of understanding as to the business model and value opportunities of sustainability run the …
Australia, November 16 - Four speakers. Four sectors. One message: intelligent investment in sustainable business activity is a …

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What happened at Copenhagen?

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