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Ganges River_Varanasi
Globally, a movement to endow natural ecosystems with legal rights is growing. Observers say Asia’s judges might be more culturally disposed to rule in favour of nature, but they need to be equipped with knowledge on the latest trends.
Studio EB RGE will “ground-truth” any allegations to demonstrate commitment to its zero-deforestation policies, and welcomes scrutiny from external parties, such as banks, NGOs and forestry experts, says Bey, who oversees matters on sustainability as the group's vice-chairman. It makes business sense to uphold our brand equity, he says.
For the first time, global law enforcers meet at UN climate talks to discuss how to turn the heat up on environmental criminals.
Whoever is elected in February must involve more of society in consultations on BRI projects to mitigate environmental risks, Indonesian analysts write.
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Wealthy nations’ overconsumption is destroying nature, but is often not accounted for by ‘loss and damage’.
What role can technology play in Indigenous land conservation around the world?
Members of Indonesia's Conservation Response Unit working alongside endangered elephants in the Genung Leuser National Park
Strong legislation backed by science and technology could help protect Indonesia’s wildlife.
borneo project field technicians
Indigenous communities in Sarawak have been monitoring their forests for the past year, gathering data to counter a logging company's assumptions about the value of their traditional lands.
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Tata Balladares
The veteran journalist talks to Eco-Business about how his Emmy-nominated documentary depicts the lives of environmental crusaders in Asia's deadliest country for guardians of the seas and forests.
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