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A single-use plastic soup spoon in use in HK
The city's disposable tableware ban which comes into force today has spooked small retailers over the price of "sustainable" items. Limited composting facilities is another concern. But NGOs hail the territory for the scope and breadth of measures to cut plastic pollution.
Studio EB RGE will “ground-truth” any allegations to demonstrate commitment to its zero-deforestation policies, and welcomes scrutiny from external parties, such as banks, NGOs and forestry experts, says Bey, who oversees matters on sustainability as the group's vice-chairman. It makes business sense to uphold our brand equity, he says.
Dr Eleanor Slade
Relying on "donations" of bait, or human excrement, from fellow scientists is part and parcel of studying the biodiversity of a forest through its insect populations.
Potato-sized polymetallic nodules
The city-state has voiced support for deep-sea mining done according to 'robust rules, regulations and procedures'. Environmentalists say the stance is at odds with its recent pledges to protect marine life.
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A river in Java, Indonesia
The amount of plastic entering the ocean is projected to grow four-fold by 2050. Transformative changes, including moving away from single-use towards re-useable packaging, are needed to save our oceans, say Vincent Kneefel and John Duncan.
Dusk on a farm in Southeast Asia
Asia Pacific has taken great strides to eradicate poverty and hunger, but the region must do more—and fast—to meet environment-focused Sustainable Development Goals as the sustainability narrative is dominated by the Covid-19 virus, writes UNESCAP's Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana.
A cloudy skyline over the Thai capital of Bangkok
The alignment between sustainable finance and responsible business could become an unprecedented, transformative force for decarbonisation, but the time to move is now, writes the founding director of the UN Global Compact, Georg Kell.
To ban or not to ban?
There are better approaches to managing the environmental impact of plastic in Singapore than to simply ban or charge for plastic bags, argues Umore Consulting's Aw Boon Jun.
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Simon Lord and Pamela Mar on Sustainability One on One
In the first in a new video series where sustainability leaders interview each other about the toughest things about their jobs, Simon Lord of Malaysian palm oil giant Sime Darby Plantation went head to head with Pamela Mar of Hong Kong-based textile and apparel giant Fung Group.
circular econ
How is it different from recycling? Hint: It's about the bigger picture.
Redress challenge
HK non-profit Redress chief executive Christina Dean appeals to consumers to be more eco-conscious of their fashion choices by joining her Get Redressed Challenge to reuse dumped and discarded clothing
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