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As energy transitions and geopolitical shifts revive the nuclear debate, the need for permanent solutions for radioactive waste grows ever more urgent. Do new projects offer hope?
ignalina nuclear power plant
Building new nuclear power stations is becoming hugely more expensive by the day, but decommissioning old ones might prove to be even more costly.
nuclear cooling towers
Two years after catastrophe at Japan's Fukushima plant, sellers of atomic reactors woo potential buyers with the promise …
The United Nations' atomic agency has cut its long-term outlook for nuclear energy growth for a third year …
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Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant_Ukraine
A recent industry report shows that nuclear power cannot compete with solar and wind. World leaders convening at the COP27 climate summit should de-emphasise nuclear, and put their focus on technologies that can be deployed rapidly.
Prior to the maritime dispute between Japan and China nearly two years ago, it was rare to see …
Despite its flaws, coal is still the cheapest, most widespread fossil fuel
IF SINGAPORE is to go nuclear, how could it prepare for such a big change in meeting national …
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