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Call to halt sale of synthetic refrigerants
Newly identified long-term environmental and health risks have prompted calls to immediately stop synthetic refrigerants being phased in to tackle global heating, and replace them with natural refrigerants only.
Aircon in Hong Kong
Amid rising temperatures, cooling technologies will be needed to protect people from heatwaves and keep vaccines and food fresh. Climate-friendly cooling could help humanity avoid 0.4°C of global warming by 2100, say the United Nations and International Energy Agency.
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dwindling arctic sea ice
Globally, people are already losing their homes and livelihoods to deadly fires, floods, storms, and other disasters. With scientists now expecting the Arctic Ocean to be almost ice-free in late summer, far worse could be yet to come.
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Air-conditioning units on a building in Singapore. Image: Robin Hicks/Eco-Business
Air-conditioning is in hot demand in Southeast Asia, but the energy-guzzling technology exacerbates climate change. Eco-Business asked Professor James Trevelyan how the region can stay cool without cooking the planet.
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