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After paying illegal recruitment fees in their home countries migrant farm workers in Britain become trapped in debt bondage.
Ku Kok Peng, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd, Malaysia
Eksklusif The group will soon announce commitments to decarbonise across the entire value chain, and improve its traceability and human rights policies, says Ku Kok Peng, who took up the CSO role in March last year.
Global Slavery Index exposes links between climate change and rising risk of forced labour.
While the worst days are over, the hidden economic impact of Covid-19 still poses a threat to countries across Asia-Pacific, where a fresh but mild wave of Covid-19 cases is picking up.
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An updated law prohibiting forced labour is limited to formal employment relationships. Workers in sectors that are unregulated are not sufficiently protected, nor does the law reach workers who have free movement, but suffer mistreatment.
workers loading oil palm fruits
Import bans bring social issues to the fore forcing agribusiness to assess their obligations to their workforces. Are such regulatory bans the best way to address the social issues prevalent in the industry?
Coltan mine, Congo
When forced labour practices are part of supply chains, it is reasonable to ascertain that environmental degradation may be present too.
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