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Abdul Wahid Omar
Supportive government policies are crucial in steering private sector investment towards decarbonisation and climate action in Malaysia, said corporate leaders and experts at a recent summit on climate finance.
pakistan nature performance bond
Can debt-relief incentives spur developing countries to do more to achieve nature and climate goals?
untcad pandemic rolled back FDIs
Although foreign investment between wealthier nations fell most in 2020 – by 58 per cent – developing nations have borne the brunt of last year’s overall investment downturn, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ​said.
Masers Energy Malaysia, the company spearheading the US$30bil (RM91bil) National Smart Grid Nation project, is confident it will …
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Indonesian power utility Perusahaan Listrik Negara's (PLN) 10,000MW coal-fired First Crash Programme will finally be completed in 2012. …
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