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Compressed plastic bottles in sIngapore
Studio EB With Asean contributing to roughly 25 per cent of waste worldwide, innovative tech solutions could help to manage waste and prevent refuse from contaminating the environment. While more climate tech start-ups are eager to drive change, many still lack support, exposure, and a platform to grow.
UEM Edgenta_technology
Studio EB The Chinese tech company has pioneered a ‘Scope 3+’ concept that goes beyond conventional value chain emissions reduction and is targeted at empowering businesses on its platforms to go low-carbon. It brings to Malaysia its suite of AI-based sustainability tools.
A Singapore government-backed project to build a large language model inclusive of Southeast Asian data has drawn fans and critics.
Asian nations are adopting AI across industries, but experts warn that without safeguards, they can lead to staff cuts and inequality.
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Shanghai interchange
The majority of China’s delivery emissions comes from trucking, but widespread electrification of heavy ground transport is still a long way off.
People using internet services
The world's dependency on digital technology was laid bare by the Covid-19 pandemic. Policymakers need to mobilise digital connectivity to improve the daily welfare of the most vulnerable populations, writes Riccardo Puliti of the World Bank.
eCommerce in Asia
Lazada’s corporate sustainability expert explains why having a climate change strategy is crucial to businesses as well as the planet and our communities.
Amazon employees


A plastic army

Up to 10.2 million kg of Amazon's plastic packaging waste entered the world’s freshwater and marine ecosystems in 2019, according to a new report by ocean conservation group Oceana. Given its proven ability to innovate, the tech giant should invest in plastic-free packaging.
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