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The rising cost of energy has made energy poverty a challenge – there are people who cannot afford to turn on air conditioners and need "cool places" to go to, says the city’s co-chief heat officer Krista Milne.
As the latest avalanche shows, long dry spells and higher temperatures are making the Himalayan region of Kashmir far more disaster-prone.
Donors are lagging as wars and climate change push global aid needs to record highs, with vulnerable groups hit by the cash crisis.
Studio EB In the 10 years since Typhoon Haiyan barrelled through Leyte in the Philippines, Energy Development Corp, which runs a geothermal facility in the province, has invested in post-disaster rebuilding work with support from its long-time staff.
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Disability_Climate change planning
Many with disability live in poverty, in low-income countries that are vulnerable to climate disasters. Yet climate resilience planning excludes their voices.
In today’s fragmented world, the Loss and Damage Fund could easily be derailed. But it is in our common interest to assist the most climate-vulnerable countries with recovery and reconstruction.
Greater efforts to limit death and destruction from disasters will help us protect development progress and adapt to climate change.
Linking work on nature and climate goals to debt repayment could give indebted countries the space they need to build resilience.
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Watch: Singapore researchers are trying to give banana skins and coconut husks a new lease of life in water purification kits that can be used in disaster situations. They could one day also be used in the manufacture of batteries.
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