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Audrey Tan CNCS
Tan previously spent nearly a decade in the Singapore broadsheet covering issues such as transboundary haze and animal trafficking, before moving to the National University of Singapore to lead science communications.
An advertisement for Australia's petroleum lobby was banned in July 2023
Australia's advertiser association has released a new code for environmental claims that could prevent Big Oil from making spurious green claims. Activists say the new code could go further by preventing net-zero claims based on offsets.
Singtel building with solar panels
The Singapore telco major is also now targeting a 40 per cent reduction in Scope 3 third-party emissions in the same period, measured against 2023 levels. The firm announced a 2045 net-zero ambition last year.
Smokestacks graphics
Your cheatsheet to a list of clichés and overused jargon by the sustainability sector this year, along with some new and revived phrases that made us stop and think.
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A voter casts his ballot for the midterm primary election in Grove City, Ohio, U.S. May 3, 2022.
With over 2 billion people set to vote, 2024 will be a critical year for climate action. News outlets need to step up to help the electorate understand what is at stake.
Writing in nature photo
The imaginative process of crafting fictional narratives about difficult topics comes with its own benefits – almost akin to therapy.
EB Impact_SG Go Green_panel_youth
They say access to information on sustainability is easy, anyone seems to be able to claim to be an expert on climate issues, and it is challenging to build a specific niche. What keeps them going then?
Well-told human-interest stories are key to moving readers and prompting climate action. How to write them in China?
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An Eco-Business debate in 2019
Studio EB Covid-19 didn't kill events, but it did change them. Teymoor Nabili and Veemal Gungadin tell the Eco-Business Podcast how a pandemic transformed the way sustainability events are conceived and organised.
Greenwashing has become a growing problem
Greenwashing has become a big problem for consumers, investors and regulators as brands spend millions on marketing their sustainability credentials. Eco-Business asked expert communicators Janissa Ng and James Lorenz why greenwashing is so dangerous, and what can be done to stop spin in sustainability communications.
Can electronic dance music drive climate action?
When sweaty revellers are cutting shapes on the dance floor, can they be inspired to think about climate change? Dilo and Robin Perkins from DJs For Climate Action tell the Eco-Business Podcast how dance music can drive climate action.
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