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Oil spill_Sentosa
Oil was spotted in waters off Changi on Singapore's east coast, four days after a tanker collision near the island state's southern waters. Authorities will assess if habitat restoration efforts are needed.
Recent research has indicated that modifications to aspects of the water cycle are now causing Earth system destabilisation at a scale that modern civilisation might not have ever faced.
A Pacific International Lines vessel.
Pacific International Lines faces a fine of US$3 million and imprisonment for the engineers responsible for an act known as bilge dumping. It is the second Singapore shipping company to be charged for the pollution offence in two months.
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Oil clumps on a beach in the resort island of Bintan, Indonesia, near Singapore.
The waste oil dumped into the ocean by ships every year is equivalent to eight Exxon Valdez oil spills, and nowhere is the problem as severe as Southeast Asia. The EB Podcast talks to hotelier Andrew Dixon about how a clever idea using a ship tracking system can help curb an environmental crime that has been largely ignored.
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