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The Liveability Challenge 2024_winners
Ideas from Vietnam and the Netherlands claimed the grand prizes at the sustainability innovation competition for the first time.
What can generative AI do for sustainability? Who in the sector are paid most? Stories that attempted to answer these questions captured the attention of Eco-Business readers in 2023.
Green Rebel_plant-based satay
Industry watchers say local start-ups are more nimble and adept at customising their plant-based products to cater to the market’s unique palate. They stand a chance of avoiding problems that have plagued the business in the West.
Wan-Ifra Asian Digital Media Awards 2023_best podcast
Its ‘Future of Food’ podcast series commissioned by nutrition and taste firm Kerry won the top prize at the WAN-IFRA Asian Digital Media Awards. The sustainability media publication dominated the ‘Best Podcast’ award category – its bilingual podcast on Orang Asli filmmakers picked up the runner-up prize.
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Salad bowl
The global food system is responsible for about 30 per cent of annual greenhouse gas emissions.
edible crickets yin yang
Asia is the ideal insect farming hub, says the chief technology officer of insect farming start-up FlyFeed, which recently announced that it will build its first farm in Vietnam this year.

Pangan & Agrikultur

Fixing the food trade

Amid global food shortages, rising malnutrition and export restrictions, an update of the rules for agricultural trade is needed more urgently than ever, writes World Trade Organization director-general Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.
angus black cows on pasture

Pangan & Agrikultur

Meat: only on Mondays

Meat and diary production are major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. The message from scientists is clear - we need to rethink what we put on our plates.
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Alternative proteins podcast 2
Studio EB What are the latest trends in the alternative proteins industry today? The Eco-Business podcast discusses new hybrid products, more localised offerings and cheaper prices due to economies of scale.
Food podcast planet-based diets
Studio EB Nobody likes being told what to eat, but changing diets could make or break climate action. The Eco-Business Podcast explores how best to convince people to choose food good for people and planet.
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