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They say experience shows that a clear position from its negotiators can be instrumental at the last stretch of the COP talks. The strong calls follow a release of the draft of the global stocktake text, which has dropped mentions of a phase-out.
President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr COP28
Just hours before the start of the high stakes conference, Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos, Jr called off his trip to Dubai, in order to focus on a hostage situation of Filipino seafarers in the Red Sea.
Vicente Yu COP27
As the Philippine delegation presses for funds to pay for the loss and damage caused by extreme weather events, climate negotiators weigh in on why it is in the country’s best interests that the biggest annual climate-related negotiation is held in a developing region.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Singapore
The country is meeting its current unambitious pledge, but it is still pushing coal and failing to protect natural resources needed to protect people from the worst impacts of climate change.
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The most important issue for India is to grow sustainably while adhering to its international climate commitments and keeping its energy constraints in mind.
Dawn on the border of the Juma Reserve in the Brazilian Amazon
What does Brazil's new president mean for the Amazon? Paulo Artaxo from the University of Sao Paulo's examines the damage right-wing Jair Bolsonaro could do to one of the world's most important ecosystems, and what that would mean for the rest of us.
A speedboat cruises down a waterway in the Marshall Islands
The recent IPCC report was a wake-up call to accelerate climate action, and COP 24 in Poland this year will be the first test to see if global leaders have been listening.
A firefighter in Falls Creek, Victoria, Australia looks across the smog generated by wildfires.
There is only one way to deliver improvements to human well-being in an environmentally sustainable way and avoid the worst effects of Hothouse Earth: “transformational change".
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Screen Grab Patricia Espinosa Interview Feb 2017 Carbon Brief
Patricia Espinosa is tasked to steer the international climate negotiations through the finer details of the Paris Agreement. What happens if the US renegades on its current commitment? Is Brexit a threat? Her answers on this video.
Ban capture
Together it stands, divided it falls. EU, through its environment ministers, had agreed to ratify the Paris Agreement through a process that would enable individual countries to send their instruments of ratification directly to the UN.
christiana figueres ban ki-moon
With 31 more countries submitting their instruments of ratification for the Paris climate pact last week, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he is confident the Paris Agreement will have entered into force before his term concludes.
Screen Grab: Patricia Espinosa August 3 interview on Climate Change
UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Patricia Espinosa, talks about the need to mobilise the world in the fight against climate change, which is affecting lives every day.
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