Smart Transportation Systems

Smart Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Technologies in the Age of Smart Cities: Traffic Management, Smart Charging, Public Transit, and Vehicle-to-Vehicle Systems


The concept of intelligent transportation encompasses a huge range of systems and applications. Smart electric vehicle (EV) charging, citywide traffic monitoring, real-time traveler information, transit signal priority, and centralized fleet vehicle management can all be classified as forms of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) or smart transport. What makes them smart is the use of embedded intelligence to connect vehicles to each other and to infrastructure, as well as to central operational sites. Transportation systems are also considered smart when they are applied to achieve smart policy goals in the urban environment, such as enhanced mobility, lower emissions, reduced fuel consumption, improved safety, or economic competitiveness.

Demand for ITS will grow in both the developed and developing economies. Developed economies will see ITS as a cost effective way to maximize existing transportation infrastructure and improve city services. Developing cities will incorporate ITS as they build out their transportation infrastructure. Pike Research estimates that global investment in smart transportation systems will total $13.1 billion between 2011 and 2017. Most of this investment will be in intelligent traffic management systems, as this is the sector with the broadest range of potential applications. It is also the sector that is applicable for all cities and it is expected that interest will grow in developing countries in the latter part of this forecast period.

The Pike Research report focuses on four key smart transportation sectors: traffic management systems, smart charging for plug-in electric vehicles, public transportation systems, and vehicle-to-vehicle systems. The study provides a comprehensive examination of market drivers for smart transportation infrastructure investment, including an assessment of the various approaches being taken in key countries around the world. Key industry players are profiled and market forecasts for each region are provided through 2017.

Key Questions Addressed:

  • What is ITS and what are the major applications?
  • What are some of the macro trends driving ITS investment?
  • Who are the key players in the ITS space?
  • What investment level is anticipated for traffic management systems, smart charging, public transit ITS and vehicle to vehicle systems?

Who needs this report?

  • Software vendors, including digital mapping providers, data collection and analysis
  • Hardware vendors
  • Data transmission technology providers
  • City and state agencies
  • Transportation services providers

For more information, visit the Pike Research website.

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