Go haze-free for Singapore

Go haze-free for Singapore

The annual haze that chokes Southeast Asia has often been blamed on palm oil. Yet, companies in Singapore continue to use palm oil to produce a wide range of products such as bread and biscuits, as well as for cooking – while neglecting to identify and check where and how the palm oil is produced.

These companies may have ironically been taking consumers’ money to buy palm oil that causes haze.

But palm oil need not cause haze – it all depends on the actions taken by the palm oil grower.

In this report, we show how:

  • Palm oil can be grown without causing the haze
  • RSPO-certified palm oil is a good starting point for haze-free palm oil

Switching to RSPO-certified palm oil costs less than 6 cents a litre, while joining the Singapore National Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil can help companies with sourcing.

 Companies that buy palm oil can go haze-free through a four-step process.

While knowledge of haze-causing versus haze-free palm oil may be lacking in the past, with the information presented in this report, there is no longer an excuse for inaction.

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