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In Jordan, severe water shortages have led to the rise of illegal water markets, where independent vendors supply water from private wells, highlighting the urgent need to balance household access and sustainable groundwater management.
The extreme rainfall that hit Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran in April and May this year was made twice as likely by El Niño, a new rapid attribution study shows.
A small community of Palestinian and Filipino-Palestinian refugees in Quezon City known as 'Little Gaza' highlights the severe costs of the ongoing Gaza conflict, both humanitarian and environmental.
UAE Flood 01
Following widespread damage from April’s floods, experts say swift action will cement Dubai’s appeal as a migration destination for the rich. This week, a US$8 billion plan to approve the city's drainage system was approved.
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COP28 president Sultan Al Jaber and ministers
COP28 in Dubai ended with the landmark UAE consensus, an unprecedented agreement to transition from all fossil fuels. The signals for action are clear, but what steps should Middle Eastern businesses take?
Hajj pilgrims
The 2024 Hajj pilgrimage has been overshadowed by disaster and tragedy, with the death of at least 900 pilgrims, mostly due to heat exhaustion and related complications.
Salad bowl
The global food system is responsible for about 30 per cent of annual greenhouse gas emissions.
Eco-Business Changing Course exhibition
Eco-Business has launched new subscription plans for our community. We invite you to support our independent journalism and thought leadership initiatives to forge a sustainable Asia and beyond.

Karbon & Iklim

How to salvage COP28

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father shows light to son
Diamonds aren't just for engagement rings and cutting tools—they can bring light to dark places.
sahara forest project
There Will Be Water documents an engineer's efforts to use seawater and sunlight to grow crops in deserts. The story of cool innovations and hard struggles against systemic barriers is inspiring viewing for all sustainability advocates.
neeti kailas
Studio EB [Sponsored Video] The Rolex Awards for Enterprise honours five young achievers for their remarkable innovation in medical science, environmental conservation and geological exploration.
mall of the world waterfalls
The emirate says the world's largest mall will be built as a smart city following environmentally-friendly guidelines, but experts and observers voice concerns on the ambitious nature of the project.
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Abu Dhabi Exchange podcast pic
ADX's chief strategy and transformation officer Matthias Büchler tells the Eco-Business podcast why sustainability is a key growth strategy and how the COP summit shaped ESG reporting for listed companies on the exchange.
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leaf background pattern

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