MINs Control Systems Solution and Eco Marine Power sign agreement

Eco Marine Power (EMP) announced that it has entered into a sales & support agreement with MINs Control Systems Solution Pte Ltd (MCSS) to sell and support EMP’s innovative renewable energy solutions for shipping in Singapore & Myanmar.

These solutions include marine solar power systems and the Aquarius Management & Automation System (MAS).

The Aquarius MAS is a cost effective alarm handling, performance monitoring and data logging platform suitable for a wide range of ships which can also be seamlessly integrated with renewable energy solutions.

The Aquarius MAS system architecture is based upon the reliable and robust KEI 3240 Data Logger which is already in use on hundreds of vessels including training ships, tankers and bulk ore carriers.

The Aquarius MAS is also able to monitor & log fuel oil consumption in real time plus calculate Nox, Sox & CO2 emissions.

On signing the agreement Daniel Min, Director of MCSS, stated “We look forward to working with Eco Marine Power to expand the range of products and services we can offer plus promote their innovative products and solutions for shipping in Singapore and Myanmar.”

Initially both companies will co-operate in promoting EMP’s technologies to shipyards and shipowners in Singapore & Myanmar with a focus on integrating the Aquarius MAS with marine solar power solutions as a means to reduce fuel consumption on ships & offshore support vessels.

About MINs Control Systems Solution

MINs Control Systems Solution (MCSS) Pte Ltd is an independent control systems solution provider. We provide total solution for plant control systems from field to control room. Our key domain expertises include control systems integration, control systems retrofitting & upgrading, control application development, plant Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) implementation, Advanced Process Control (APC) solution, plant control system performance optimisation.

MCSS has been recognised as a reliable solution provider and partner to many industry players such as major control systems vendors, petrochemicals plants, oil & gas sectors, waste and water treatment plants, buildings and facility management.

For more information about MCSS please visit their website: http://www.minscontrol.com

About Eco Marine Power

Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd. (EMP) is an internationally focused technology company based in Fukuoka, Japan, that develops fuel saving and emission reduction solutions for ships including passenger ferries, survey ships, oil tankers and cargo vessels. These solutions utilize a range of renewable energy focused technologies including the EnergySail and Aquarius Management & Automation System (MAS).

EMP also develops sustainable ship concepts that incorporate the latest renewable energy technologies such as flexible marine grade solar panels and is currently working on a number of design projects including Aquarius Eco Ship and Medaka eco-commuter ferry.

To read more about Eco Marine Power please visit: www.ecomarinepower.com

Media Enquiries
Greg Atkinson
Eco Marine Power
Phone: +81 92 287 9677
E-mail: greg.atkinson@ecomarinepower.com

Please note: Aquarius USV, Aquarius MAS & EnergySail are trademarks of Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd.

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