Can the Philippines win the battle against plastic waste?

Recycling efforts in the Philippines are shrinking amid the pandemic, even as the plastic waste challenge mounts. Is the country on the verge of a more devastating plastic waste crisis?

Is plastic waste a battle the Philippines could win?

Although its garbage collection rate is better than some other Southeast Asian countries, rubbish is not properly disposed of.

According to a 2018 report by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), up to 74 per cent of plastic in the Philippines that ends up in the ocean is from waste that has already been collected.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a surge in the use of single-use plastics as the material is relied upon to protect people and goods. From face shields and syringes to plastic packaging for takeaway food, how can the Philippines manage its plastic waste streams, increase its recycling rate, and stop an impending plastic pandemic?

In this podcast, “What happens to waste? Digging into the recycling systems in the Philippines”, Eco-Business speaks to Bonar Laureto, executive director of the non-profit Business for Sustainable Development, and Toff Rada, country manager for corporate and government affairs at food and beverage company Mondelez Philippines.

Tune in as we tackle questions including:

  • What happens to waste after people put them in the trash can, and how can Filipino households recycle properly?
  • How must various sectors of society transform to strengthen the country’s waste management infrastructure?
  • What can individuals and the private sector do to help to reduce plastics use and accelerate plastics recycling in the country?
  • What is extended producer responsibility and what is its role in the Philippines’ response to plastic pollution?


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