Jessica Cheam

Managing Editor





Jessica is the Managing Editor of Eco-Business, an award-winning journalist, TV presenter, director, producer and a social entrepreneur.

She has more than a decade of experience in journalism with a particular expertise in sustainable development, and is also a columnist for The Straits Times where she was formerly the political and environment correspondent. She is an adjunct research associate for the Centre for Liveable Cities, a Singapore think tank focused on creating and sharing knowledge on liveable and sustainable cities.

She presented an episode, Confronting Climate Change, in the Challenge Tomorrow series by Channel NewsAsia, a Singapore-headquartered English language Asian TV News channel which aired in March 2017. She also leads Eco-Business's multimedia unit in directing and producing short documentaries on sustainability issues.

She studied at the University of Warwick and University of London's Goldsmiths College, and has written for London-based publications such as The Independent, The Times and The Ecologist.

She is the winner of many journalism awards, including the Earth Journalism Awards at the UN climate change meeting in Copenhagen in 2009, Young Journalist of the Year by Singapore Press Holdings in 2010, and the Asean Green Technology Journalism Award in 2011. She also has a merit award for the environmental leadership category from the Ten Outstanding Young Persons awards by JCI Singapore.

She founded Eco-Business in 2009 with a vision to provide a platform for the region to discuss and advance sustainability issues. Under her leadership, Eco-Business beat other media giants to clinch the Lee Foundation Excellence in Environmental Reporting by a Media Organisation Merit Award at the Asian Environmental Journalism Awards (AEJA) 2013.

In 2015, Jessica was given the AEJA's Sustained Environmental Reporting by a Journalist Award for her efforts in contributing to environmental journalism over the last decade. She was recently named a finalist in the Women of the Future Awards - Southeast Asia (to be held end-March 2018) in the Media and Communications category.

She is the published author of 'Forging a Greener Tomorrow: Singapore's journey from slum to eco-city', which was commissioned by Singapore's Ministry of Environment and Water Resources. She was formerly a member of the editorial committee for, a platform devoted to stories for Millenials that inspire change, and is also an associate member of the Singapore Institute of Directors.

Jessica's passion is in advocating sustainable development and gender equality. She is frequently invited to speak at events and moderate discussions across the globe on her areas of expertise.

In 2017, she won an award that will take her to the ClimateForce 2018 expedition in Antarctica in Feb-Mar 2018, where she will be making another documentary with Channel News Asia on this journey.

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