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Edna Ablazo, collection member, the Philippines
Studio EB Recycled plastic has trust issues. Better traceability systems are needed to weed out fraud from the post-consumer plastic trade and fairly reward the people who collect trash for a living.
Singapore's Extended Producer Responsibility scheme will require all importers and manufacturers of beverage containers in Singapore to collect most of the products they sell to consumers. Industry players led by Coca-Cola have opposed the scheme, citing cost and other concerns.
Eksklusif The city-state's drinks container return scheme has been pushed back – the latest in a series of delays. Industry sources point to Coca-Cola being instrumental in stalling an Extender Producer Responsibility scheme that aims to improve Singapore's poor plastics recycling rate.
Reverse vending machine in Hong Kong
Studio EB A 10-cent refund incentive (US$0.012) for residents who return their beverage containers is deemed inadequate, with at least half of the survey respondents signalling that the amount must be increased to at least five times the current rate.
Single use packaging_store_Indonesia
Trying to collect and recycle the palm-sized packets has not worked for Indonesia, said the co-founder and director of Alner. The start-up wants to collaborate with large corporations such as Unilever to push for a “reuse-and-refill” model.
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