Our Hiraya innovates a simpler way of conducting sustainability assessments

Our Hiraya innovates a simpler way of conducting sustainability assessments

Our Hiraya, a sustainable procurement solutions provider, is revolutionizing the way traditional sustainability assessments are conducted.

The sustainability assessment process can be challenging for both enterprises and suppliers. Enterprise procurement, sourcing, or risk teams may struggle with limited resources, ESG knowledge, and the quickly evolving ESG landscape. Often, they may also encounter challenges in getting their suppliers to actively participate in sustainability assessments and provide meaningful responses.

On the other hand, when suppliers are asked to meet their trading partners’ sustainability objectives and undergo due diligence procedures such as assessments, they may not always know how to respond meaningfully or provide proof-based documentation, like sustainability policies, documented actions, or reporting data.

Our Hiraya is tackling this issue head-on with its NTINDI Enterprise solution — an innovative blend of platform and service. The platform offers a seamless, workflow-based approach for enterprise trading partners to conduct assessments, eliminating the need for manual forms or spreadsheets.

The process begins with enterprises formalizing their main ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) objectives on the NTINDI Enterprise dashboard, which are then cascaded to suppliers on their respective NTINDI Supplier dashboards. Suppliers are then asked to upload their policies, share previously implemented actions, and any reporting data that corresponds to the prioritised ESG criteria in a guided workflow.

What sets this approach apart is the layered service component. Suppliers are provided with a learning path on their dashboards to help them understand the prioritised ESG criteria and are also supported by Our Hiraya’s global ESG team to draft new or validate existing policies, implement actions, and eventually report meaningful ESG metrics that align with the enterprise’s sustainability standards. Additionally, suppliers receive support in their local language to ensure they fully comprehend the significance of their actions. By providing suppliers with the support they need, uptake is more likely to increase, resulting in greater success for all parties involved.

This new approach differs from traditional assessments, which are point in time and only capture progress at a set period. Founder Aaron Leonard recognized this gap in traditional assessments, and he helped innovate a solution to fill that void. Our Hiraya then offers a more dynamic approach, allowing suppliers to embark on a journey and have their progress captured and tracked over time on the platform.

In return, enterprises have access to both a collective overview of supplier progress and a supplier-by-supplier breakdown, giving them visibility into engagement and participation metrics. This promotes an outlook of partnership between enterprises and suppliers, leading to a collaborative sustainability journey that is both practical and attainable.

Other benefits of this approach include risk mitigation across global value chains, tier mapping, and collecting last-mile ESG metrics such as greenhouse gas emissions. For more information, visit ourhiraya.com/ntindi-enterprise/ for enterprises and ourhiraya.com/ntindi-suppliers/ for suppliers.

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