Professional Staff (Center Manager) (School of Engineering & Technology )

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Pathumthani Thailand


Asian Institute of Technology

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Professional Staff (Center Manager) (School of Engineering & Technology )

1. General Summary

Responsible for the management of the ACSIG’s geosynthetics and GTE laboratory testing activities.

2. Functions & Duties

  • Administers geosynthetics laboratory testing activities and personnel
  • Provide assistance to GTE laboratory testing activities
  • Interprets data and issues testing report and certificates for the clients on commercial testing
  • Updates ACSIG website
  • Market ACSIG

3. Job Specification

  1. Knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA)
    • Knowledge in operation of geosynthetics laboratory test instruments is a must
    • Proficient in English both written and oral
    • A Thai national or being able to speak and write in Thai language
    • Computer literate in MS Office software, photo, and web editing
  2. Education and experience
    • Master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering or related field
    • Experiences in supervising Geosynthetics/Geotechnical laboratory testing
  3. Physical requirements and /or working condition (if relevant)
    • Male/female
    • Work for 40 hours per week
    • Association with a multicultural environment

4. Key Performance Indicators (KPLs)

  • Number of clients (companies/individuals who send geotextile samples for testing)
  • Income through lab tests (laboratory fees)
  • Updated ACSIG/GTE website

5. Performance Standards

  • Laboratory reports and certificates issued on clients’ expected date
  • Correspond with (local & foreign) clients with regards to geosynthetics test and geotechnical testing
  • Income through laboratory tests must exceed, if not suffice, the expenses of the project
  • Regularly updates the website according to the precedent and upcoming activities of the program
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