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Job Purpose

To drive and coordinate sustainability effort and projects across business units (BUs) in CDG, and to formulate policies and undertake sustainability reporting at Group level.

 Key Accountabilities

The Manager of the Group Sustainability is accountable for driving and coordinating sustainability efforts and initiatives across BUs of the Group. Responsible to work with the BUs to identify and initiate prospective projects that will improve our performance in the environment, social and governance (ESG) elements, and to share best practices and ideas across BUs. At the Group level, he/she will help to formulate policies, and to monitor, collate and report on targets and performances. The Manager is also responsible to staff the Sustainability Steering Committee secretariat. He/She will work closely with the consultants to organise training workshops and to visit leading sustainability organisations for learning journeys.

 Job Responsibilities & Duties

  • Develop and maintain a trustworthy, respectful working relationship with the Sustainability Points-of-Contacts (POCs) of the BUs and Group Office.
  • Establish a high level of trust and credibility by building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, consultants and collaterals
  • Review the sustainability strategy and formulate necessary plans and policies to shape and drive the sustainability agenda for the entire Group
  • Drive and coordinate sustainability effort and projects across BUs of the Group.
  • Manage the Group-level Sustainability budget, including exogenous funding or grants for sustainability initiatives.
  • Disseminate and share best practices and ideas across BUs on sustainable development.
  • Work with both Corporate Communications Office and Investor Relations Office to communicate to both internal and external audiences of our sustainability effort and focus.
  • Organise training/workshops to enable better appreciation of the need and value of sustainable development at different levels of leadership of the Group.
  • Work with BUs to develop and review sustainability targets across all ESG elements.
  • Harmonise reporting standards and targets across geographies to enable better understanding of performance.
  • Collate, monitor and disseminate sustainability performance to the working groups and steering committee for review and action,
  • Work with various stakeholders (including BUs and Group Office) and consultants on the Annual Sustainability Report.
  • Staff the secretariat to the Group-level Sustainability Steering Committee.

 Working Relationships

 Internal Parties & Nature Of Interactions:

  • Internal: Business Units and Group Offices.  To collaborate on sustainability initiatives through project management and sharing of best practices, and to collate and report on targets and performances on quarterly basis. 

External Parties & Nature Of Interactions:

  • Consultants. To engage services to work on sustainability workshops, reporting and other adhoc services including advice and audit.
  • Partners.  To identify opportunities and areas where CDG or its BUs can collaborate with liked minded partners to further our sustainability effort, and possibly grow innovative sustainable business enterprises.

Minimum Education/Qualifications

  • Possesses good degree and / or exposure to sustainability development. A degree in discipline like environment studies is preferred but not necessary. 

Minimum Years/Type Of Experience

  • At least 3 - 5 years of experience in sustainability development of a medium-sized enterprise or governmental ministry/statutory board.

Technical Competencies

  • Possesses broad exposure to sustainability development, with deep knowledge in one or two of the sustainability ESG domains, including strategies, systems and processes
  • Attendance of certified workshops will be preferred.

Functional Competencies

  • A professional who is able to manage, drive and thrive in a performance-oriented environment.
  • Possesses good understanding of the nature of the business enterprise, the environment and the stakeholders interests and motivations.
  • Strong beliefs in sustainability development.
  • Proven experience in implementing and managing sustainability projects, track and monitor performance, and in organising activities.

Please submit your CV and cover letter to the Group Chief Risk and Sustainability Officer, Jackson Chia at

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