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ESD Consultant


Opportunity to support international projects with various scale for maximizing energy and water saving, optimizing indoor performance, and sustaining the environment and obtaining international or local recognition. The ESD Engineer shall support projects and assist coordination with clients, consultants, contractors, and suppliers, delivering projects on time, with the best quality and within allocated cost.


BroadTech Engineering is a green building consultancy, who are committed to providing excellent and hassle-free services in achieving environmental sustainability and green building. Our team of ESD engineers has a decade of experiences and proven track records of various Environmentally Sustainable Design, green building ratings and computational simulation, which are not limited to only Singapore projects, but also Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, and Dubai. We help our clients to achieve the best indoor performance while reducing building construction and operational cost and saving the environment.


- Coordinate project team, clients, contractor and supplier on matters related to ESD and green rating, such as data compilation, calculation, verification, green rating submission, etc.

- Manage Green Rating process of projects and ensure target achievement, such as Green Mark, LEED, GBI, Greenship, etc.

- Conducting Building Science calculation and simulation such as ETTV/OTTV, energy simulation, wind simulation, daylight and glare simulation, sunshade simulation, etc.

- Conducting walk through and detail measurement of building performance (ACMV, lighting, indoor comfort, etc) to analyse building system performance and propose improvement.

- Control the project ESD deadline and ensure that all necessary features have been proposed, discussed with client and project team and implemented in design in timely manner.

- Conduct all necessary calculations, such as ACMV system, lighting, landscape, etc.

- Prepare reports and presentations and project submissions.

- Search for suitable materials, products, technical specification and cost.

- Run ESD projects independently with minimal supervision.

- Be a star performer, positive contributor and part of problem solving in the team.

- Support marketing and sales activities.

- Train and share knowledge and skill will other staffs

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