Director of Language Center (Language Center)

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Pathumthani Thailand


Asian Institute of Technology

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Minimum qualifications and experience

  • Minimum of 5 years of university experience developing and teaching English language courses including technical and academic writing at the graduate level.
  • Minimum of 3 -5 years experience supervising a team of teachers and supportive personnel, budgetary responsibility for an education department or institution and KPI formulation and evaluation.
  • A Ph.D. or master’s degree in language teaching, linguistics or a related field (doctorate strongly preferred).
  • Fluency in English and expertise in formal English academic and technical communication; fluency in an additional language is preferred.

Duties and Responsibilities

The director is responsible for managing the Language Center’s services in line with approved targets and objectives of the Institute’s vision and mission. The Director reports to the Vice President of Administration, collaborates with the deans of AIT schools, sets the Center’s strategies and business plan, and supervises the work of LC teachers and clerical staff.

Keys areas for results

A. Set the overall strategy of the Language Center in coordination with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Faculty Senate and the deans of schools.

  1. Student recruitment and provision of pre-degree intensive programs.
  2. Maintenance of Institute standards for academic and technical writing skills through admissions and placement testing, and editorial approval of components of research reports.
  3. Proactively seek out partnerships with external clients that will lead to LC revenue.
  4. Apply for external project funding that will benefit the LC financially or develop LC staff.
  5. Development of needs assessment and language curricula for undergraduate, postgraduate students and AIT staff.
  6. Oversee the provision of online, self-access and tutorial facilities.
  7. Partner with AIT schools as well as governmental and non-governmental partners of AIT in capacity building training programs.
  8. Manage the LC team through recruitment, hiring, and evaluation of staff while furthering their professional development.
  9. Set and control the Language Center budget.
  10. Contribute to the Institute-wide initiatives, panels, committees and task forces as requested.

B. Prepare revise and oversee the LC business plan and annual budget for the Language Center in line with the Institute’s guidelines and the Center’s functioning as a self-financing unit in order to meet the overall objectives of the Institute.

C. Maintain and develop the Language Center’s culture and reputation amongst staff, students and regulatory/official bodies to ensure that the Language Center continue to provide client-centered services of high quality within the AIT community and internationally for AIT partners.

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