Lean Six Sigma Awareness Course


Marina Centre Singapore

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This course helps demistify the terminology, and goals of Six Sigma Continuous Improvement projects, thereby reducing fear, and empowering everyone to contribute.

Lean and Six Sigma, both verified business improvement systems, offer businesses the techniques to maximize client and employee value by reducing process distinction and waste.

Teams will be formed to conduct improvement projects. The “talk of the town” will be Lean Six Sigma. To engage all employees in the ground swell to improving all processes this course provides learning relative to terminology, objectives and the role each employee can play in this effort.

Lean Six Sigma Awareness Course - Lesson 1
Opening - Competition
The importance of Continuous Improvement in business and government.

Lean Six Sigma Awareness Course - Lesson 2
Process Management
Process Ownership
Cost of Poor Quality

Lean Six Sigma Awareness Course - Lesson 3
Lean Principles
Seven Areas of Waste
Value Stream Analysis
5S Principles
Poka-Yoke Methods

Lean Six Sigma Awareness Course - Lesson 4
Six Sigma
Define Phase
Measure Phase
Analyse Phase
Improve Phase
Control Phase

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