Eco-Business Research Reports

Eco-Business offers market research and consulting services that help businesses gain a deeper understanding of their markets and the issues most relevant to them.

Our team of researchers, writers and sector experts help businesses compile and analyse the information they need in all geographies and industries through a sustainability lens.

Drawing from Asia Pacific’s most extensive repository of sustainability case studies, and leveraging an extensive network of contacts in the clean technology, smart cities, responsible business and sustainability space, Eco-Business Research helps businesses, governments and NGOs understand the issues driving sustainable development and how best to communicate these issues to other stakeholders.

Eco-Business Research provides the following services:

  • Designing and conducting surveys and focus groups to assess customer awareness and attitudes – and where appropriate providing a report on the results for public consumption and publicity on
  • Conducting market sizing studies to help organisations understand the size, potential and growth of their business
  • Conducting in-depth interviews and analysis with B2B organisations, purchasing executives, operational heads, engineering managers etc
  • Devising and conducting industry whitepapers, business indexes and thought leadership pieces consisting of primary and secondary research to help an organisation make a compelling business case to its clients or to track developments in an area. These reports can also be publicised via’s online channels.
  • Providing Eco-Business analysts to host, anchor or moderate client or internal seminars or roundtables
  • Conducting commercial due diligence appraisals for assessing the suitability of a business partner
  • Strategic consulting in areas such as ‘go-to-market’, risk assessment, channel assessment, emerging market development strategies etc.

Through its own community, panels and network of fieldwork associates, Eco-Business is able to conduct studies and provide quotes for all countries in the Asia Pacific Region.

In keeping with its core content expertise, Eco-Business focuses on the following sectors: carbon & climate, CSR, cities, energy, food & agriculture, green buildings, lifestyle, manufacturing, policy & finance, transport, waste and water.

Contact Eco-Business Research to discuss your business issues, to ask for a quick quote or assessment or to get insights on sustainable development trends driving the region.

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