Asia IoT business platform launches in Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Gartner ranked Vietnam as a Tier-1 Emerging Outsourcing Market Location for IT services in Asia
  • Tech giants such as VNPT identify Internet of Things as a leading trend of tech in Vietnam, with the Government
  • pledging to invest USD 111.6 million from the State Budget in the ICT sector by 2020
  • Internet of Things technologies and mobile solutions are witnessing increasing appreciation in improving Vietnam’s competitiveness, according to the Vietnam C-Suite Barometer Survey 2015 from IDC

Asia IoT Business Platform is holding the 11th edition of its industry Internet of Things (IoT) conference in Hanoi, Vietnam. Endorsed by the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Information and Communication, the conference will showcase the value and economic impact of IoT, including improving private and public sector enterprise productivity, harnessing ICT to alleviate problems in dense cities, and powering a Smart City vision.

Vietnam, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, is rapidly growing its IT sector to realise its goal as an industrial country by 2020. The Government pledged to invest USD111.6 million from the State Budget in the ICT sector by 2020, incentivising local and international firms to invest in the country. “Asia IoT Business Platform is an important industry event that serves as a platform in bridging local and international enterprises, organisations, and companies to network, find new partners, expand their market, increase business opportunities, and strengthen international competitiveness,” said Pham Dai Duong, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology.

IoT technologies are receiving great interest and investments, with tech giants such as VNPT-Technology identifying IoT as the leading trend of tech. “IoT offers massive benefits for businesses in many different aspects, including asset tracking and inventory control, shipping and location, security, and energy conservation. The combined competencies of IoT can maximise revenue by cutting cost of inefficiencies within a business,” said Nguyen Trung Kien, Chief Marketing Officer and director of product management at VNPT-Technology. VNPT-Technology recently developed a comprehensive IoT platform called Smart Connected Platform (SCP) that can be integrated with hardware not only from VNPT-Technology, but also from other vendors. Solutions can be developed on the platform for verticals such as agriculture, healthcare, smart homes, environment, and transport.

VNPT-Technology envisions SCP to be the IoT platform of Vietnam, helping to apply IoT widely not only in the country but internationally as well. The company is also building the Smart City Plan in some cities, consisting smart lighting and smart grid to alleviate problems that often plague dense cities in Southeast Asia.

The conference will also be featuring prominent IoT thought leaders who will be sharing case studies and insights on the use of IoT across different sectors, such as the use of data analytics to determine traffic patterns, powering the ecosystem with the use of cloud, and cybersecurity in the age of IoT, among many others.

“The fragmentation of IoT in Vietnam, coupled with the lack of standardisation present an opportunity for international IoT players to convene and interact with local enterprises to help them truly reap the benefits of IoT. There is no better time to develop the IoT solutions in Vietnam to foster socio-economic development and increase the country’s competitive advantage. This is what we will continue to strive through all our industry events,” said Zaf Coelho, Project Director of Asia IoT Business Platform.

About Asia IoT Business Platform

With a focus on local telecommunication companies and verticals, the Asia IoT Business Platform is an educational platform crafted by the industry, for the industry, with the aim of addressing key issues facing the adoption of IoT technologies in the ASEAN region. We drive enterprises to understand and learn about the adoption of IoT technologies for their business. Since its inception in 2013, the Asia IoT Business Platform has secured strong support from local governments and telecommunication companies for the past ten editions. The 11th edition of Asia IoT Business Platform: IoT Vietnam will continue to explore opportunities and challenges within enterprise IoT, while providing ample networking and business matchmaking opportunities for IoT stakeholders.

About Industry Platform Pte Ltd

Industry Platform Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore incorporated firm focused on the global telecommunications sector. We are Southeast Asia’s leading organizer of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) conferences and exhibitions. We work with local and global businesses, as well as public sector bodies and associations who are looking to expand their reach in Asian markets. We provide the best platforms for industry professionals to network and shape developments.

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