Businesses taking the lead on climate change

I attended an event at the LKY School of Public Policy in Singapore last week. It was their first programme on Sustainability for Senior Executives.

A group of executives from around South East Asia discussed how climate change is affecting business activities - such as storm damage to company premises, or problems in accessing freshwater for industrial processes.

They examined what they can do to cope better with climate change - and very importantly, they looked at how their companies are seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in day to day activities.

The highlight for me was a presentation by a representative of Infosys, based in India. He outlined some incredibly innovative steps that Infosys is taking to reduce its energy consumption. They have a plan to become carbon and water neutral in the medium term.

Specific measures included rainwater harvesting across their sites in India, and innovative building designs to maximise the use of natural light and reduce the need for air conditioning. Best of all was a device that calls your mobile phone if you leave your computer on after work - and allows you to switch off the computer remotely!

It was a truly illuminating description of how companies can use new practices and cut their emissions significantly. If you would like to know more, have a look at their web site or other information on their sustainability work.

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