Residents, businesses on Pulau Ubin to get electricity from micro-grid

About 30 residents and businesses on Pulau Ubin have signed up for electricity from a micro-grid being test-bedded on the island.

Launched on Thursday, the micro-grid will allow residents and businesses to enjoy cheaper, cleaner and more reliable electricity supply, as opposed to relying on diesel generators.

The micro-grid incorporates biodiesel and solar photovoltaic technology.

It is part of a test-bed by the Energy Market Authority to assess the impact of intermittent energy sources, such as solar, on grid operations.

Unlike conventional power generators which can provide a steady supply of electricity, solar energy is intermittent in nature and dependent on weather conditions.

Second Minister for Trade and Indistry S Iswaran, who witnessed the launch, said the learning points from the test-bed will help to enhance Singapore’s ability to manage intermittent energy sources.

He added this will also enable Singapore to maximize the amount of solar and other forms of renewable energy that can be deployed when such technologies become commercially viable.

Mr Iswaran also pointed out that this will in turn contribute to the long term goal of diversifying Singapore’s energy mix and moving towards a sustainable energy future for Singapore.

Work on the micro-grid began two years ago, by a local consortium, comprising Daily Life Renewable Energy and OKH Holdings.

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