Phuket opens Port In-Port Out Controlling Center to fight illegal fishing

Phuket province has opened the Port In - Port Out Controlling Center as part of the measures against the Illegal Unreported and Unregulated Fishing (IUU Fishing), according to the navy and provincial officers. 

Royal Thai Navy’s Third Naval Area Command Chief of Staff Rear Admiral Somchai Na Bangchang, along with the governor of Phuket Nisit Chansomwong have presided over the opening ceremony of the port in and out report control center for fishing vessels at the Phuket Fisheries Seashore Radio Station. 

The Third Naval Area Command Chief of Staff has said that the Command Center for Combating Illegal Fishing will be coordinating with all sectors to solve the illegal fishing activities in all aspects, after the country has been alarmed by the European Union to step up its measures to eradicate IUU fishing. 

He has said the Third Naval Area Command has been appointed by the Royal Thai Navy on the law enforcement, and has established 26 Port In - Port Out Controlling Centers nationwide for this operation. 

The Port In - Port Out Controlling Center will be informing all agencies to maximize inclusiveness, as well as publicizing the information and raising awareness among the fisheries entrepreneurs. The private sector will then cooperate by disclosing their information as well. 

All fishery vessels weighing at 30 ton gross or over are required to report their port-in and port-out activities to the controlling center for 24 hours. The current service covers up to 148 fishery vessels in Phuket province.

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