Park likely to press for enhanced nuclear use at summit

President Park Geun-hye is expected to bring up the subject of South Korea’s demands regarding the peaceful use of nuclear energy for “enhanced mutual cooperation” during summit talks with US President Barack Obama on Tuesday (Wednesday Korea time).

Among the agenda items relevant to enhanced cooperation will be “a smooth implementation of the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement and enhanced cooperation regarding the peaceful use of nuclear power between Seoul and Washington,” Ju Chul-ki, senior presidential secretary for foreign affairs, said at a press briefing.

“It will be an important opportunity to enhance the strategic value of the Korea-US alliance by further improving cooperation.”

South Korea has been demanding permission to enrich uranium for greater self-sufficiency in nuclear fuel and to reprocess spent fuel as it faces an imminent storage overflow, something the US is reluctant to allow because it worries it may go against its nonproliferation efforts.

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