New food accreditation label launched in Taiwan

A new logo for food safety accreditation was unveiled June 24 in Taipei City, reaffirming the government’s determination to safeguard public health and re-establish confidence in the local food sector.

Implemented by Taiwan Quality Food Association, formerly Taiwan Food Good Manufacturing Practice Development Association, the system supersedes the GMP accreditation launched by the Industrial Development Bureau under the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1989.

“Food safety scandals in recent years underscore the importance of source control in food manufacturing,” TQF Chairperson Bonnie Sun said. “The new program involves independent organizations at home and abroad performing accreditation, audits, certification and inspections to ensure better supply chain management.”

As part of efforts bringing local food certification practices more in line with global standards, Sun said TQF will team up with U.S.-based Safe Quality Food Institute.

Under the new system, all similar food items produced by a manufacturing plant must meet TQF standards before the facility can obtain accreditation. Previously, the GMP system only accredited individual production lines.

In addition to enforcing stricter rules on source control and traceability, TQF will carry out surprise inspections at certified facilities twice a year to ensure full compliance with relevant law and regulations.

“We are aiming to expand membership to include distributors, raw material suppliers and consumer groups,” Sun said, adding that TQF expects to quickly increase its number of certified firms and products from 160 and 2,310, respectively, going forward. 

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