Mysore named India’s cleanest city

Indian cities have a reputation for dirtiness, but the city of Mysore doesn’t fit the stereotype, FirstPost reports.

The city of less than a million in the southwestern Indian state of Karnataka ranks as the nation’s cleanest. That’s due to aggressive waste management and efforts to discourage residents from relieving themselves in public, the article says.

The rankings of 476 urban areas were released ten months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a “My Clean India” campaign designed to promote healthier standards. Navi Mumbai, a modern satellite city near Mumbai, and Kochi (or Cochin), a popular tourist destination, ranked second and third, respectively.

Lowest ranked was Damoh, an impoverished city in the central India state of Madhya Pradesh. The survey considered a range of factors that include drinking water quality and water-borne illnesses, the article notes. 

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