100 companies get leak alert sensors in Shanghai

Leak alert sensors began real-time monitoring of water consumption in 100 companies over Shanghai over the weekend.

Businesses using more than 50,000 cubic meters of water per month are targeted in the Shanghai Water Authority initiative to save water.

Inspections will take place at companies found to be consuming water between 1am and 5a.m. — times at which little activity would be expected unless a night shift is working — as this suggests leaks in their pipes, said officials.

Last year, sensors were fitted at 30 similar businesses in the same initiative.

Businesses found to be using large quantities of water during domestic peak hours after 5p.m. — when many people return home and cook — will be asked to stagger consumption, said Gui Yi, director with the authority water saving department.

“Monitoring can help the authority analyze the water consumption of the city’s companies and residents to better allocate water resources,” Gui said.

Meanwhile, sensors that can send data to officials’ mobile phones will be installed in companies using 20,000 cubic meters of water per month by 2018, added the official.

The authority will also change old leak-prone iron water taps to ceramic ones for 20,000 residents in old residential areas in Hongkou and Zhabei districts this year, Gui said.

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