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A change maker in sustainability wanted, to join a team of like minded individuals embarking on a pioneering adventure, funds management industry changing, potentially world saving. Its a Bonsai business, while small, team members have over 100 years of Financial Market experience. We aim to be the change we want to create. Acceptable financial rewards, sceptical public, many years if not decades of rewarding challenges, constant learning, success redefined. Personal satisfaction beyond belief.

Panarchy Partners

Panarchy Partners is a Funds Management pioneer with sustainability at its core. Unlike most other funds management firms, Panarchy Partners has sustainability embedded in the investment process not integrated or an overlay after the event. With a team of traditional investors from globally renowned funds management groups, and over 100 years of combined investment experience, we seek a sustainability analyst who will be involved in the investment process, as we invest in Global Companies that provide sustainable growth. We focus on all forms of Capital, ie Human, Social, Financial and Environmental.

Mission statement

Our mission statement is “Be the change you want to create”.

Why we exist…..Together we grow a better world for all.

What we do…is to redefine wealth and how its created.

How we do it…. by partnering with like minded individuals and institutions so as to deliver returns on all forms of capital, Social, Human, Environmental and Financial.


You will be joining:

  • 3 traditional global investors with 75 Years investment experience with tier 1 funds management groups.
  • While sustainability is key to the future of funds management industry, so is data sciences and analytics. Our embedded data scientist strengthens both traditional financial analysis but also the sustainability research on companies.
  • Our dedicated COO with 20 years experience will be ensuring smooth operations, leaving the rest of the team to focus in sustainable investing.
  • As governance is the key to sustainability, our compliance officer will ensure we at PP deliver on all regulatory requirements.
  • Finally our CMO will be responsible for funds raising with partners that want to make a change like us.


As Sustainability Analyst you will be:

  • An active agent of change and decision maker like all others in the team.
  • Asked to manage the process of sustainability filtering of 2500 global companies, with focus on human, social, environmental capital.
  • Required to do in depth review and research of 50 companies within the portfolio.
  • Involved with instructing the PP’s SUSTECH lab to deliver on research projects and white papers that help understand sustainable operations for companies but also PP’s investments.
  • Required to be engaged with the companies we invest in, especially their sustainability teams to ensure delivery of returns on all forms of capital.
  • Required to help promote and educate the Panarchy philosophy of sustainable investing
  • Asked to contribute to PP’s own sustainability process and strategy.

Panarchy Partners will provide you with:

  • An opportunity to make a change amongstpassionate team mates with a common purpose.
  • An opportunity to learn from the incredible wealth of knowledge and experience of team mates.
  • The chance to grow with the team that has global reach and aspirations
  • Solid financial rewards
  • The opportunity to meet and interact with sustainability teams of global companies
  • The chance to further educate yourself through courses and conferences
  • The ability to become a thought leader in sustainability
  • The independence and opportunity to shine
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