Meet the Stars: Global Change Institute


Brisbane Australia

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Join us as we ‘Meet the Stars’ behind the incredible Global Change Institute, a world leading education facility at the University of Queensland.

Described as a living building, the Global Change Institute moves away from a framework of consumption and contributes to the restoration and regeneration of the environment. To achieve this, the bold $32 million structure incorporates the most advanced levels of sustainability, including:

  • Operable sun-shading and a louvered façade to control light and air flow
  • A cooling green wall, bush tucker garden and bio-retention basin
  • Hydronic floor panels are flushed with chilled water to cool the building, while a thermal chimney draws warm air out of the building
  • Rainwater storage of 60,000 litres to serve the cooling systems, kitchen and showers

The Global Change Institute is also the first building in Australia to include structural use of cement-free, geopolymer pre-cast concrete which significantly reduced the building’s carbon footprint.

Want to know more? Join the project team as they discuss their challenges and achievements in delivering this impressive building.