International Conference on Forest, Mountain and People 2012


Colombo Sri Lanka

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The ICRD/ Kumaon University joint Conference  on FMP 2012 offers a valuable opportunity to network with colleagues from many countries who share the same goals.

This Conference will provide a unique forum for participants to explore the many multidisciplinary aspects of forest and mountain science. In addition to the outstanding symposia and contributed papers, this event will feature a broad range of technical, social, and legal topics that are of national and international interest ensuring the sustainability of forest and mountain resources.

Conference Themes:

  • Human interaction & sustainability
  • Governance and Decision-Making
  • Ecological and Earth Sciences
  • Disasters and risk reduction
  • Cultural heritage and traditional knowledge

Conference Topics:

1. Ecosystem dynamics

2. Forestry & Environment

3. Livelihoods

4. Conservation of forest & mountains

5. Sustainable use and biodiversity

6. Ecological and Earth Sciences

7. Energy & Water Solutions

8. Disasters and risk reduction

9. Climate change

10. Communities and traditional knowledge

11. Natural resource management

12. The policy and regulations

13. Governance & Decision-Making

14. Tourism, Trade & Resource Development

15. Agro Forestry

16. Mountain Dinamics

17. Forestry & Environment

18. Mountain & Forest People

19. Deforestation

FMP2012 welcomes presentations covering scientific, socio-economic and policy issues relating to the above themes/topics.

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Asia Plantation Capital
Thai Union
City Developments Ltd