Resource Efficiency through Carbon Footprint Assessment



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SIMTech is proud to announce that we will be launching a new batch of our Carbon Management Programme.

Why measure your Carbon Footprint?

  • Carbon Footprint is an effective Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to demonstrate a product’s environmental friendliness value.
  • It is also an ideal communication tool to express a company’s contributions and achievements towards a sustainable future.

About the programme

The Carbon Management Programme is a three module consultancy and mentorship-based training course for carbon footprint assessment and reduction for resource efficiency that helps participants acquire carbon footprint knowledge and establish carbon footprint baseline and strategic improvement plan in correspondence with the current and future opportunities.


The values to participants are:

  • Enhance company’s branding and reputation
  • Save costs through more efficient use of energy and materials
  • Reduce environmental impact by reducing toxic emissions
  • Prepare for compliance with ISO standards
  • Become an in-house expert in Carbon Footprint (CFP) assessment
  • Quantify own company’s product CFP
  • Develop action plan for carbon reduction
  • Free use of the CFP assessment toolkit for six months

Funding Avaliable

The course is funded under WDA up to 90%.

Modules avaliable

The programme consist of 3 modules

  1. Apply Carbon Footprint Assessment Methodology
  2. Conduct Carbon Footprint Assessment
  3. Develop Carbon Footprint Reduction Plan
Participants may choose to either take either
  • Option 1: Only Module 1
  • Option 2: Module 1 to 3



  • 7th,9th,10th,14th,15th April for Module 1
  • Module 2 & 3 will be at the convenience of the participant
  • SIMTech will arrange for make-up sessions for participants who miss lessons
  • 9:00am to 6pm (Meals provided)

Supporting Organisations

Asia Plantation Capital
Diamond Energy
City Developments Ltd