3 Day MBA in Renewable Energy


Hong Kong

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Gain a comprehensive overview of the renewable energy sector, in just three days

Renewable energy, green energy, alternative energy – while these are all in the news and public eye, what are they and how do they differ or are similar? To what extent are they a material part of the commercial, economic policy, and corporate strategic and societal framework?

The 3 Day MBA in Renewable Energy is designed to give a comprehensive overview of this sector, including in respect to the two main categories of energy: power generation and transport. In particular, the course will focus on the financial and investment perspective and significance (especially on a project level) and impact from a corporate strategic planning direction. Interactive case studies and examples will focus on direct projects and investments, with a focus on emerging markets Asia.

In just three days you will:

  • Look at supply and demand, the key drivers, players and roles, country programmes and the potential of the green energy sector
  • Consider the main markets – such as biomass, wind, geothermal and hydro – from a project risk and investment perspective
  • Learn about global patterns of supply and demand for transport fuels
  • Get to grips with niche renewable energy segments
  • Learn all about energy efficiency programmes and business, as well as looking at grid and transmissions considerations
  • Find out about government policy drivers and the role of corporate strategy, as well as looking at alternative externalities such as the nuclear and shale sectors
  • Consider how demographic and macroeconomic changes are likely to affect supply and demand and think about the possible future direction for investments